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I have built several impressive and fully immersive Wix websites this year as a passion project. The following websites highlight the flexibility and customization that Wix + Lightspeed can offer. These websites could have cost $50,000+ to build with a web development company, but the results are the same. The website you are currently on was also built with Wix.... in a single weekend!

Barber Glass

A product heavy website that shows off everything that Barber Glass sells and can create. The product trees are easy to navigate and the bounce rate and time on page are incredible. This website was built in Wix to have complete creative freedom and cost-controlled page and product additions.

Glass Design Architecture Website Design.gif
Glass Technology Website Design.gif

BG Glass Tech

A sister website to Barber Glass, BGGT offers some of the same products but focuses much more heavily on the services they offer. By building these websites in Wix, we were able to offer an incredible price for two beautiful modern websites that match their brands perfectly.

Contractor Compliance

Contractor Compliance needed a completely custom 75 page website that had integrations galore and drove leads to their SaaS solution. It also featured a CMS blog and had state of the art SEO work done to get them on page 1 of google for the keywords they best match. (1).gif
Gillian and Co homepage.gif

Gillian & Co

Gillian & Co wanted a sleek and professional website that stands out amongst the crowded law firm landscape. The final product is elegant and very easy to navigate. With purposeful SEO and forms throughout, it serves as a starting point for potential clients wanting to learn more.

Atlantica Content

Atlantica Content are masters of photography and they wanted a website that reflected it. This lightweight and visually stunning website highlights their talents, team and projects while also serving as a lead-generating tool.



There are a limited of number of websites that I can build each year outside of my full time role as a Director of Marketing. If you like what you see and want to discuss this further, please fill out the form below.


Websites are on a first come first serve basis.

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